The secret to make Spanish speaking people want to work with you

We live in a more than ever globalized world, and that’s out of question. The Internet has changed the game; any person in the world can find you in a click! And Spanish speaking people are not the exception.

Besides that, you travel the world and you meet many Spanish speakers along the way and you know you can help them, too.

So, what’s stopping you from connecting with them?

It’s totally logical that you wonder whether these Spanish speaking people would consume your content and buy your products and services or not. 

In order to find out if Spanish speaking people are interested in working with digital nomads like you, I have conducted a survey and 150 Spanish speaking people who know English and are related to the digital nomad and traveling world have answered it.

Results are gonna blow your mind!

Although Spanish speaking people who know English can totally get what you do and can read the content you create, results have shown that there is a more emotional barrier that prevents them from buying services or products from you.

The first two questions I made were:

-Do you follow digital nomads/travellers/travel bloggers that write/communicate in English?

-Do you consume content created by these digital nomads?

7 out of 10 people follow and consume content from digital nomads who communicate in English.

You’d think that’s a lot. And it is!

Look at the results:

However, there’s a detail we need to pay a lot of attention to:

9 out of 10 of these Spanish speaking people do not buy products or services from those digital nomads:

Isn’t it shocking?

I mean, they read what you write, they like your posts, they watch your videos… but they don’t buy a single service.

I have good news: there’s a factor that would definitely change the game!

I’ve found that 6 out of 10 people would buy more products and services from you if you’d communicate in Spanish and address Spanish speaking people directly in their language:

What does this mean? You’d have 6 out of 10 more clients around the world.

And that’s not all…here’s the best part!

7 out of 10 people would feel more empathy and feel more valued if you had your content in Spanish.

This is the most important point because empathy is one of the fundamental pillars of a solid business. It allows you to build durable and valuable relationships with your audience since the bond goes beyond the financial transaction.

Whatever you sell and whatever you do, the first thing you need is CONNECTION at an emotional level: you need to make your potential clients feel identified and valued through your content.

And, if you generate empathy, it’s probable that more and more people start feeling connected to your project and those “6 out of 10 more clients” will become 10 out of 10 in the future!


Taking your business to the Spanish speaking market is a path towards growth and expansion. Any doubt after these results?

Many Spanish speaking people out there are waiting for you to talk directly to their hearts and minds in order to complete the client journey and buy your offer.

Make it easy and comfortable for them, and they’ll make it easy and comfortable for you and your digital nomad business!

about me

Hi, there! I'm Illed. I created Palabras Viajeras to help digital nomads make their business grow, because I know that we share a dream: travelling the world doing what we love!

I am here to help you adapt your content strategy to your Spanish speaking audience through translations that truly connect with them.

Let´s make you business fly high!

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