The story of a girl and her “Palabras Viajeras”

In 2014, I graduated as a translator. I can’t deny it was one of the happiest days for me, no doubt! But when I woke up the next day, I realized I didn’t know what to do with my life.

I didn’t have to study anymore, I didn’t have a job. It was the first time I really had my life in my hands, and deciding what to do with it was so stressing!

I only knew one thing: I wanted to travel, a lot, without restraints.

Time went by. I started working with translation agencies, underpaid, undervalued and not happy, at all. I felt I was watching life go by. My trips taught me that hanging onto a permanent job and material stuff was not for me. I didn’t want a conventional life, fashion clothes, a car, a house, or working in some multinational company. I didn’t feel identified with what is seen as respectable and valuable, professionally speaking. An office? Only 15 days off a year? The same people, the same place, and the same routine every day? No thanks! I had to find a way out.

My dad’s death slapped me on the face and I realized I needed a change.

From that day on, I embarked myself in my two life projects:

    *I started building my home on a van named Olivia with Lautaro, my partner, and Emma, the sweetest dog on Earth.

    *I opened the door of digital nomadism and after a year of hard work, I created Palabras Viajeras, my business. I realized the profession I had chosen would allow me to be the “wanderlusterer” I had always wanted to be.

And now, here I am, travelling thanks to a business that allows me to have the life of my dreams.

I’m in love with carrying my business in my bagpack, and in my van!

Does it ring a bell? I know it does! You are a digital nomad because you want to travel the world doing what you love.

And that’s where my driving force comes from…

I want to help you and other digital nomads to grow and expand your businesses so you can achieve that!

How? Helping you to reach the Spanish speaking market by transcreating and adapting your content in a way that truly CONNECTS with Spanish speaking people and helps you selling to them!


I want to work with people who have creative projects with a clear purpose, designed to help others and change the world. I want to work closely with people who understand and feel identified with my values.

And here’s what I mean:

FREEDOM: it’s THE VALUE, like the light that guides me through life. Nothing makes sense if we’re not free. And I’m thankful I have the freedom to choose.

ADAPTABILITY AND RESILIENCY: adapting to change and being resilient when obstacles come up is key to face every situation in life: a big life decision or a new translation project.

PASSION: doing things with all my heart is always my priority; I don’t know another way.

LOVE: it’s the driving force of the universe, don’t forget!

I have done everything to be faithful to these values in the creation of this space. And I think I succeeded!

Today, I share my days with people who know what it means to travel as a lifestyle and to have an online business as a plus. We know that being on the move all the time can be hard, exhausting, and also so REWARDING! And we know that if we get together, we can achieve magical things.

I know you’re one of those people, so thanks for being here. 

Welcome to Palabras Viajeras! I hope you let my words make your business fly high!

about me

Hi, there! I'm Illed. I created Palabras Viajeras to help digital nomads make their business grow, because I know that we share a dream: travelling the world doing what we love!

I am here to help you adapt your content strategy to your Spanish speaking audience through translations that truly connect with them.

Let´s make you business fly high!

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