Transcreation: the power of translation and copywriting to make your business grow

Transcreation for your business? Sure!

As a digital nomad, you have travelled a lot, and you know you can help more people around the world with your offer.

This is one of the best decisions you can make if you are looking to grow your business and have more clients.

And it seems evident that translation of the content and communications should be one of the first steps you take.

The thing is translating -converting words from one language to another- may not be enough if what you want is TO SELL.

And here it is where TRANSCREATION takes the stage.

In this article, I will tell you about transcreation, how it encompasses translation and copywriting techniques, and its advantages at the time of selling to a Spanish speaking audience.

but, what exactly do i mean when i say “transcreation”?

Transcreation is the merge of two words: translation and creation. It is the art of recreating a message in another language.

Translation has something of that, too, but it’s not the same.

When we talk about translation, we talk about writing the same text in another language.

You may change sentence structure or choose a synonym over another, but you use the same wording and the same order of the original text.

You can’t write “bananas” if the original says “beef”, because you may be changing the whole meaning of the text.

Imagine a recipe with this change: a complete failure.

In transcreation, things are a little bit different

Although there are two languages involved, adapting a text to another audience, implies a lot of changes, specially when your text is intended to sell.

You may need to change THE WHOLE TEXT in order to keep the “feel” of the original.

So here what it matters is to put the focus on the Spanish speaking client. And that’s where copywriting comes in.

Copywriting is a persuasive writing technique that guides your client through your text and makes them do something specific:

something YOU want them to do.

For example, your goal could be that your prospect downloads a freebie, click on a button to take them to your sales page, or send you a DM.

 For that purpose, copywriting consists on doing a lot of research on your clients, knowing them deeply, and writing exactly want they need to read to make a decision and buy your product or service.

One of the maxims of copywriting is “put the focus on the client and the benefits they will get if they work with you.”

It is about making them feel understood, taken into account and valued. Selling is about them, not you.

You should tailor your offer so it makes their dreams come true!

And that’s the key:

Transcreation takes a text in English, analyzes the Spanish speaking ideal client, and writes a completely new text (if necessary) in Spanish, taking all those aspects into account.

And that’s why transcreation happens to work so well as a selling technique.

Transcreation has three main advatages over just translating a text, or just hiring a copywriter for creating new texts in Spanish:

  • With transcreation you can keep the original style, vocal tone, intent, and emotional salience of the English texts, but tailor them to the values, beliefs, and behaviors of the Spanish speaking audience.

If you just hire a copywriter in Spanish, the original elements may be missing.

  • You minimize the risk of brand erosion, because you can avoid using offensive concepts or images to the new clients, or just concepts they don’t feel identified with.

Imagine using an image of American football instead of soccer in Uruguay. It’s like telling you don’t care about what they feel and like.

  • You have more chances of connecting emotionally with the audience, because you know how your Spanish speaking readers feel, think, and talk about their reality.

You know what they like and what they don’t, and how to leverage that information to create a text that matches their way of seeing the world.

Transcreation is the new reality for those digital nomads who want to adapt their content to new audiences.

We’re living the era of emotions. People do not buy generic products or services. They look for someone who understands them and who’s able to put in their shoes. They want human beings who can help them to solve problems.

You can’t allow yourself to miss the chance of reaching a new market, but do it with the respect that your Spanish speaking clients need and deserve.

If you feel you need more information about transcreation, or that you are not confortable doing it by yourself, send me an email to, and I’d be glad to help you making your business fly high. 

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Hi, there! I'm Illed. I created Palabras Viajeras to help digital nomads make their business grow, because I know that we share a dream: travelling the world doing what we love!

I am here to help you adapt your content strategy to your Spanish speaking audience through translations that truly connect with them.

Let´s make you business fly high!

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